Managed Services

IT managed services Net Anchor now offers Managed IT Services to our clients. Managed IT Service is a customer centric and affordable solution for keeping computer systems and network functioning optimally. Network and network connected devices are monitored continously and issues are flagged and diagnosed automatically. With Managed IT Services, data is more secure and recoverable, problems are detected before they become catastrophic, and helps keep business operates on a more even keel.

Our Managed IT Services cover the following:

  • Remote Systems Monitoring
  • Backup Management
  • Remote Systems and Network Management
  • Real time Intrusion Prevention
  • Network utilization reporting
  • Software Rollout and Update Automation

Managed services enhance managers and employees work performance without computer or network issues disrupting regular work operation. Net Anchor Managed Services monitors system performance and functions to prevent arising issues from becoming major operation stoppers. For a small flat monthly fee your IT infrastructure is monitored for system health, unauthorized intrusion, virus attacks, hardware malfunction, resource utilization, and more.

With managed service your IT infrastructure can easily scale up, add new services, deploy or extend software.

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